Hey! You’re a vegan? Awesome!

You care about the environment and animals? That’s great!

So do I!

Even though I will gratefully eat whatever food I am given, That doesn’t dictate or have anything at all to do with my views/interests/compassion for living beings!

And really, if I had the money and the independence from my parents, I might be a vegetarian. But even if I wasn’t:

It isn’t your place to tell me what to do.

It’s my right to eat what I want to, just like it’s my right to believe in whatever religion I want to, or abort my baby if I want to, or love who I want to!
I am a human being, a living being.

What I eat has nothing to do with the kind of person I am.

My diet doesn’t dictate my personality.

What I put into my mouth doesn’t give you a right to judge me.

Whether it’s a pear, a penis, or a pepperoni pizza.

It’s my business, not yours, and not anybody elses’ either .

Thank you for reading this.

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